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School of codes: Courses

Hello everybody

we just want to announce you that soon we will open again to the community the

thanks thanks School of Codes thanks thanks

So far the section is still under maintenance, but soon it will be available with this main sections:

School of codes: Courses - Page 2 2903176123 CSS stylesheet course
School of codes: Courses - Page 2 2903176123 Javascript course
School of codes: Courses - Page 2 2903176123 HTML Course

If you want to be notified of updates and announces about the school of codes and if you want to join in the courses, please

  • Go to the link belowe
  • Press the button Join group
  • You will be updated about the courses and you will be able to view the topics when the section will be online

Thanks for your support, we hope you will all like this new service for you, community of Fmcodes

Feel free to reply under this topic with your opinions, feedbacks and suggestions related to this announce

Have a nice day!

Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:56 pm


Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:02 pm

So, when will it open up again? I really would like to learn to code some more. I know how to code as in make things like webpages and such but i would like to learn more. I so cant wait for it to open again.

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