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[VOLUNTEERS] Beta testers and translators for an external project

This recruitment is currently OPEN

Hello everybody,

We have recently launched in Open Beta a new secret startup project on which we are working in parallel to FMCodes. At the moment, it is nothing related to FMCodes as a webmasters community, but who knows, maybe we will make the two things work together in the future.

We are currently looking at two kinds of people (see profiles):

  •  Translators
    The service is already available in English, but we look forward to promoting it and making it popular even across other languages. The profile we are looking for is for people who are fluent in any language and want to help us release our services and websites in their own language.

    Whatever the language you speak, if you are fluent in it, you can apply. We will be happy to launch our website in your language with your translations.

  •  Beta Testers
    As a beta tester, you will have access to our PreProduction server to test new features in preview and report bugs and feedback .
    All we require is the following:
    1. Passion and willing to help
    2. Availability to share new ideas
    3. Knowledge of the English language (but if you are reading this, you probably have)

    For this second position, the activity will probably not start immediately but in the coming month.

Of course, @Niko and @Admin are free to discuss with you and share more information, send us a Private message, and we will be back to you.

Hope to hear you back in mass  ;)  ;)

Sat May 13, 2023 3:25 pm

Dear all,

we are still actively looking for translators and Beta testers :Good:

If you are interested, send a Private message to @Niko :fior:

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