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The second forum review - by Forumotion

Dear community,

I report you the review as it is:  yes

The second forum review - by Forumotion Yourfo10
The Forum of Codes

Reviewed with Google Chrome

The second forum review - by Forumotion FirstImpressions

    To start off, I'd like to say I love the clean look of your board! As I shoot a quick glance down your forum index, the 3 words that come to mind are: organized, simple, and professional. The nice, matching forum icons give your site a nice dose of color and the overall color setup is excellent for reading. Nice features such as the well designed menu/navbar up top sets your forum apart from others. The overall aura of your forum creates a feeling of uniqueness that is sure to draw members to your site. Nice work.

The second forum review - by Forumotion R_exce10

The second forum review - by Forumotion GraphicsLayout

    As mentioned above, I commended you on your color setup. The background is appealing and is tailored adequately with the rest of the board. The icons and images you are currently using around your board is excellent. I love the navigation bar, but I think it might benefit from a little height increase, as to give room to make your logo larger. A larger logo helps emphasize the subject of your forum and what it's all about. When I first came onto your site, I thought the "Forum of the boards: the winners!" image was the actual forum logo/banner. The little tricks you have added with coding (ex: full name of thread appears above the link to thread on forum index) gives a nice professional touch. I recommend for you to look into even more advanced forum work, such as Javascript extras that can add cool features to your site. Take a look at the Tips & Tricks section and feel free to hit it up on Google ;)

The second forum review - by Forumotion R_exce10

The second forum review - by Forumotion ForumActivity

    With the sophisticated graphical style of your forum, it's a little surprising to see the amateurish "Members Online For The Past __ Hours" set to 99. I would recommend no more than 48 hours, a number that looks much better to the eye. You have a good enough design of the board to start an active advertising campaign and to start spreading your forum name far and wide.Moving onto the forums and threads themselves, I can see they are fairly active. Each forum section should have new content everyday, something your forum generally achieves. Continue working on seeking an active and large member base witch members who will be more than happy to contribute quality content onto your board.

The second forum review - by Forumotion R_aver10

The second forum review - by Forumotion StaffUsergroups

    I see your staff usergroups is styled similarly to the support forum's, which is good. However, nearly half of your staff hasn't been online for the past 99 hours. If this happens consistently, you might want to consider advertising to increase members, then hire more staff. While staff cannot be online all the time, you shouldn't have staff members who rarely come in to contribute and moderate the site. Keep this in mind when hiring your staff usegroups later on.

The second forum review - by Forumotion R_good10

The second forum review - by Forumotion ForumOriginality

    Original and sophisticated, your forum stood out to me among many coding sites. Continue your hard work and I thnk you will achieve great success.

The second forum review - by Forumotion R_good10

Keep up the good work!

Regards and best of luck,
The second forum review - by Forumotion 97345910

Thanks Empire  accord

Mon Apr 30, 2012 10:12 am


Wed May 02, 2012 5:23 pm

Nice (:
Maybe we can increase the Activity and Originality :D

Wed May 02, 2012 5:32 pm

Alexandru C. wrote:Nice (:
Maybe we can increase the Activity and Originality :D
Yeah :) But for this we need your help (as member) :D

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